Silke Schomburg
Linked Open Library Data

Linked Open Data has gained a lot of attention during the last two years, with projects moving increasingly from theory to practice. The library domain is gearing more and more towards the technical and legal issues implied by this paradigm shift.The recent announcement of "A Bibliographic Framework for the Digital Age" by Library of Congress and the Conference of European National Librarians' affirmation of open licensing for their data are only two examples.

The hbz has been involved in Linked Open Data since 2009. Having published a considerable amount of its data in August 2010 the hbz launched its experimental linked (open) data service lobid.org. Furthermore, the hbz has been taking part in several cross-institutional initiatives and projects assessing opportunities of a future Linked Open Data infrastructure for libraries. This presentation focuses on the hbz’s motivation to invest in LOD and the different activities it is engaging in. Finally, perspectives for an international LOD-based library infrastructure are pointed out.

Bielefeld University Library - last update: 24/04/2012