Liauw Toong Tjiek (Aditya Nugraha)
Libraries' Syndicated Contents for the Digital Natives' Era

The paper will talk about the potential 'power' of libraries' syndicated content to broaden libraries' sphere of influence outside their traditional boundaries (library's website, library's online catalog, etc.). Libraries' syndicated contents can be used to proliferate libraries' content, services, and other information related to libraries to a much broader audience. Syndicated contents are proliferating in the forms of widgets, (Google) gadgets, Facebook applications, etc. that can be used to access third-party contents and incorporate them to enrich libraries' (online) contents and services. However, the paper will not only talk about libraries as users / consumers of online syndicated contents, but also as producers of online syndicated contents. The discussion will provide some background information on how Indonesian higher education libraries utilize the Internet and social networking sites to enhance their presence and services.

The paper will discuss the assumption that syndicated content is the 'language' of the digital natives generation, who are now entering higher education institutions to pursue their education. If (higher education / academic) libraries are to be relevant to this new generation, they need to understand how to communicate to the digital natives by accommodating as much as possible to their 'language'. Libraries' syndicated contents also enable the 'co-creation' of contents by anyone, simply by copying and pasting scripts to their own website, blog, etc. and stay connected to the library's contents and services.

The discussion will also touch on the subject of the use of new media called digital signage as a means of information dissemination to library users. The utilization of this visually rich new media will translate into effective library marketing to reach out to the digital natives generation, whom are visually literate.

Bielefeld University Library - last update: 07/03/2012