Wolfram Neubauer
Electronic Library Resources and Organizational Change

In the meantime, the statement that the sciences are subject to dramatic changes is a matter of course. When we accept this conclusion then it would be quite surprising if academic libraries, the pillars of academic information supply, were not intensively influenced.

This means for our everyday life, that academic libraries have to assimilate these developments, reshape their strategies and restructure their internal processes and organizational framework.

In the case of ETH Zurich we decided to think about a fundamental new organizational approach with two general directions. The first one was the idea to integrate all collections, archives and related "institutions" of the university under one single umbrella. The second thought was the plan to restructure the library's internal organizational framework and to integrate the library processes as far as possible.

The presentation gives a short impression about the strategy behind these activities and shows which goals and results we have reached till today.

Bielefeld University Library - last update: 10/04/2012