Obiajulu Odu, Leif Longva
High North Research Documents - a Thematic Overlay Service of Open Access Documents

High North Research Documents is a thematically tailored search service, based on all the open and freely available research documents harvested by Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE). Through a co-operation with BASE, utilizing the freely available metadata records, we have identified and extracted the high north relevant documents. A set of specialized keywords are applied to this end, in an extracting algorithm. An automatic process is emphasized, minimizing the need for manual labor in the process. The extracted records are ingested into a customized DSpace repository which serves as end user search and discovery interface.

The many different standards used, and the varying quality of the metadata records in the numerous content sources BASE is harvesting, constitute a challenge both for the extracting process and for the search and presentation of the records in DSpace. Moreover, many content sources include records without any full text document, while others include records with restricted access. As a service provider of open access documents, we find it somewhat paradoxically and problematic that non-OA records are harvested by use of the OAI-PMH. A standard way to identify records without any full text document would be highly valuable for a service like High North Research Documents and others who may want to replicate the method on some chosen topic. High North Research Documents is available at http://highnorth.uit.no

Bielefeld University Library - last update: 03/04/2012