Christian Hänger, Mannheim University Library
Brigitte Mathiak, GESIS
Linking of Bibliographic and Research Data in Social Sciences

Traditionally, bibliographic and research data are held in separate systems without any linkage between them. Searching for relations between these two types of metadata is quite complicated for researchers and does not do justice to the scientific significance of research data. Besides the verifiability of research findings, the repeated processing of research data by means of modern computer technology is also discussed.

In a cooperative project funded by the DFG, GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences and Mannheim University face the challenge to overcome the boundaries between bibliographic and research data. Its aim is the integration and linking of research data from the data catalogue of GESIS with publications and books which are included in the Lucene-based search system of Mannheim University Library. Within the project, several methods are applied and tested against all participating systems to identify the most suitable technique. As a result we are going to be able to make a recommendation for the best method regarding the integration of research data in our systems.

To ensure the reusability of our results, we use Linked Data structures whenever it is possible and meaningful. Identifying each object by assignment of a unique URI as well as describing these objects with rudimental metadata is an additional project goal. Research data and publications are connected to each other by links between the corresponding objects. Having created these links, both project partners as well as interested third parties are able to enrich their current offers. By applying different matching techniques the best approach to generating the links between bibliographic and research data can be determined. As an overall goal, we try to present links between bibliographic and research data to researchers in order to facilitate and improve scientific research.

Bielefeld University Library - last update: 19/03/2012