Stefan Gradmann
From Containers to Content to Context: the Changing Role of Libraries in eScience and eResearch

Osmotically bound to the scriptorium libraries have been dealing much more actively with content before the advent of printed books. Most of them have narrowed their role to dealing with 'bookish' information containers after Gutenberg for some centuries - but this exclusive focus on one container format is currently coming to an end with the dwindling role of the 'book' container format itself in digital network based settings. The future, however, is not just information provision (this actually was the vision of the 1990ies): access to information is not so much of an issue anymore, but rather aggregation and contextualisation of data and information and thus knowledge enabling - or even knowledge creation. And with knowledge on their agenda libraries are back in the the role they once had, before the advent of printing. However, quite some cultural changes are required from the librarian community to successfully operate this turn.

Bielefeld University Library - last update: 04/04/2012