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The hybrid world of printed and digital academic resources faces a rapid dissolution of accustomed barriers. Barriers between different physical manifestations of documents, pure textual information and various supplementary data, catalogues and databases, local holdings and information in a cloud, in-house and remote users, librarians and users, authors and publishing houses are no longer what they used to be.
The Bielefeld Conference 2012 will provide ideas to renew structures of documents, data, services and organisations, i.e. the Conference will present a vision of future INFO-Structures.

The conference is the 10th in a very successful series of conferences organized by Bielefeld University Library at the Bielefeld Convention Center since 1992. The conferences provide an essential forum for internationally renowned and trendsetting speakers and have gained high reputation among library directors and other senior library and information managers from all over Europe and beyond, who wish to discuss future strategies for academic libraries.