Mogens Sandfær

Mogens Sandfær is the director of the Technical Information Center of Denmark at the Technical University of Denmark. In the early 90ties, he worked at CERN as responsible for the databases and systems of the Scientific Information Service. The experience gained from working with the emerging web and the CERN preprint service was put to use at the Council of Europe, where Mogens Sandfær was head of Documentary Information Services - and in Scandinavia, where he was director of the Nordic Networking Center. At the Technical Information Center of Denmark, he held the position as director of development for many years and recently was appointed director.
Mogens Sandfær has been involved in organising and managing the Danish digital library programme, DEFF, and in the design and setup of national information infrastructures in Denmark. Internationally, he has been involved in numerous EU R&D projects and has served on many boards and committees, for example Open Archives Initiative and Fedora Commons.

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