Leo Waaijers
IR also means Institutional Responsibility

Currently the Directory of Open Access Journals registers almost 3800 journals. There are over 1300 institutional and subject based repositories worldwide (OpenDOAR). About 800 to 1000 academic organisations may have signed some form of Open Access manifesto (e.g. the Budapest Open Access Initiative, the Berlin Declaration on Open Access or the Petition to the European Commission).

But so far only 60 research institutions or funders have adopted a mandate to make the publications that result from their publicly or charity funded research (quarantined) openly accessible. Against a background of 4000 universities and 1000 R&D institutes that is not a very impressive result. Apparently, the institutional spirit is willing but their flesh is weak.

Recently the European University Association recommended their 800 members to "[.] develop institutional policies and strategies that foster the availability of their quality controlled research results for the broadest possible range of users, maximizing their visibility, accessibility and scientific impact."

This presentation is about such institutional policies and strategies.

Bielefeld University Library - last update: 9/12/2008