Michael A. Keller
Whither Academic Information Services in the Perfect Storm of the Early 21st-century?

This paper will be a brief reflection upon:
  • the concepts and challenges with which academic information service providers (both librarians or "cybrarians" as well as academic computer service providers) are grappling;
  • what means there might be to devise flexible approaches not to survival, but to exploitation of the "storm" of rapidly evolving information systems;
  • the balancing of reliable and consistent services for our readers/users in a time of change with the necessity to recruit, develop, re-educate, and excite information professionals ("cybrarians" and the like); and
  • the elements of the rapidly evolving information topography that must be in place for best use by teachers, students, and researchers.
The current scene of mass digitization efforts underway, publicized, and planned as well as the myriad "mini-"digitization projects all of which cause some to believe that libraries are no longer relevant, informs this paper. The counter-claim of a service-oriented environment for academic information providers will be presented.

Bielefeld University Library - last update: 01/17/2006