Arie Jongejan
Scholarly Information on the Web - a Vision for the Future Service Landscape

The Scientific Publishing market has seen some dramatic developments over the past few years. Through new dynamics and demands from customers, enabled by technology and driven by budget constraints, publishers have had to devise and integrate a variety of new models and approaches to how content is made available. These new publishing models, such as variations to the e-subscription (license) model, Open Access and Institutional Repositories, have provided libraries with alternatives that simply were not available previously.

This paper will focus on these developing trends within the Scientific Industry, examine how they have changed the marketplace and also take a look at some of those opportunities that are expected to have a large impact on the whole Scientific Publishing industry (both publishing and literary sides) in the near future.

As the publishing roles and models have changed, so have the roles and value of a subscription agent developed. As the CEO of Royal Swets & Zeitlinger, Mr Jongejan will, using the role of the agent as a focal point, express some ideas as to how the future landscape of the Scientific Publishing Industry will map out and show how the various roles of the agent, as well as those of both publishers and customers, will increase and adapt in line with this dynamic market.

Bielefeld University Library - last update: 11/07/2005