Sigrun Eckelmann
Knowledge Exchange: Strategy and Roadmap for a New Network of Transnational Information Service, an Initiative of Four Partner Funding Organizations

Knowledge Exchange is a network of four national funding agencies active in the development of information infrastructure for teaching and research in their respective countries.
  • JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee), United Kingdom
  • SURF Foundation, Netherlands
  • DEF (Danish Electronic Research Library), Denmark
  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft/Literaturversorgungs- und Informationssysteme (DFG/LIS), Germany.
The network's goal is the facilitation of meaningful, long-term cooperation in information infrastructure between the partner countries. By working together, the national organizations can better evaluate and plan funding strategies in their own countries, thus helping raise the national profile of funded teaching and learning activities. An important step in this regard is the development of new and innovative means of exchanging information and experience.

Knowledge Exchange was officially launched on December 01, 2005. Some of the project's first steps have included the analysis of the differences in structures and procedures at the respective funding agencies; the identification of common areas of interest, accompanied by planning measures (workshops, national review papers, etc.) on how these areas can be addressed; and the encouragement of best practice models for many of the topics.

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