Lynne Brindley
Redefining the Library

Libraries have traditionally existed to collect and organise information, make access to knowledge more democratic, and preserve the record of ideas for future generations. Over the past decade, advances in digital technology, new publishing models, changing user behaviour and the impact of the web - including new entrants such as Google - have transformed the way that information is created, disseminated, stored and accessed.

How do we redefine the role of the library in such a rapidly changing context? The challenge for libraries as now only one of a great diversity of alternatives is to find new ways to add value in a very fast moving and competitive information environment. This talk will consider some of the ways in which libraries need to reshape and rethink their services and skills in order to maintain their relevance and contribution. It will also give examples of how the British Library is addressing these challenges to sustain its position as a great national library, supporting research, learning and personal enrichment for users both today and in the future.

Bielefeld University Library - last update: 11/07/2005