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Welcome to the 8th International Bielefeld Conference Website!

The 8th International Bielefeld Conference has placed "Information Services" at the heart of its programme. What is changing and needs to change in an age when the World Wide Web has become the central platform for all types of information services?

Librarians need to facilitate better access to the whole range of information available on the Web, including material found in digital libraries, institutional repositories, Virtual Learning Environments, mailing lists and weblogs.
Library information systems need further technical and functional development, and search engines will play a central role. Libraries will collaborate with partners from the Grid- and e-Science communities as well as with commercial partners. Information services will be provided both as hosted services and as tools for individual use. Librarians will have a role as developer, provider or agent.
In order to facilitate the academic process, whether that involves information discovery, information management and processing, or scholarly communication and publication, we will need to be user-oriented. Only by focusing on the user can we develop information services fit for the 21st century.

The Bielefeld Conference has proved to be one of the most attractive forums for library managers and senior staff from Europe and beyond. In 2006, at the 8th Bielefeld Conference, high profile speakers from nine countries include the university librarians of Cornell and Stanford as well as representatives from Google (Scholar) and Microsoft. We are especially delighted to welcome Lynne Brindley, the Chief Executive of the British Library, as our keynote speaker. Reports will be given on current and future trends, concepts and practical experiences by considering the role of information services in the digital world. More concretely, you will hear about the reconceptualisation of traditional library services, the relevance of international collaboration and strategic planning, the use of customer intelligence methodologies in the library world, e-Science and the role of libraries; and about the future of searching in the academic community.

My colleagues and I look forward to welcoming you again to the Bielefeld Conference in 2006

On behalf of the Programme Committee

Norbert Lossau
Library Director, Chief Information Officer (CIO) Scholarly Information
Bielefeld University

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