Speaker Profiles Dreieck

Dr. Alan Bundy

Dr. Alan Bundy is University Librarian of the University of South Australia, Director of the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Library and founder and director of Auslib Press, Australia's largest publisher of library and information science.
He has consulted and published widely, edits the quarterly journal 'Australasian Public Libraries and Information Services', and is an authority on information literacy and on joint use libraries which combine educational and public library services. In 1988, and again in 2002, Dr. Bundy was national president of the Australian Library and Information Association. His professional interests include information literacy, public libraries, joint use libraries and publishing.

Jill Cousins
Jill Cousins is currently the Blackwell Synergy Product Manager. In this role she has set up the Blackwell Publishing Library Advisory Board in order to create a better partnership between the publisher and the librarian.

Jill has worked in the online medium most of her working life, latterly as the European Business Development Director for VNU, B.V. Here she set up several pan-European websites and some joint ventures, informing strategy and tactical implementation.

Previous to working in Business Development, Jill worked for Learned Information as the Event and Marketing Director, running Online Information and Internet World and creating new events and magazines such as Knowledge Management. Jill was also responsible for the strategic marketing of IWR and the other Learned Publications.

Originally starting work, after completion of a Ph.D in Geography, with the Ministry of Defence in mapping and charting, she moved to Bain & Co, the management consultancy, before thinking she could undertake such research and consultancy herself under the guise of her own company First Contact Ltd.

Jill is interested in the new models, where academic publishing will end up in the online world and in using the knowledge of librarians to develop this insight. She is chair of the Oxford Publishing Society and on the steering group of Oxmedianet and part of the COUNTER and CrossRef initiatives.

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Decker

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Decker is Professor of Business Administration and Marketing at the University of Bielefeld (Germany) and he has been a Visiting Professor at the University of Vienna (Austria), the Academy of Economics AHX Moscow (Russia) as well as the University of Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria).
He is the (co-)author of several articles in journals and proceedings on varying topics in marketing and data analysis as well as the (co-)author/editor of corresponding books. Furthermore, he is a member of different academic organizations and he has acted as a referee for a number of scientific journals and societies. As one of the founders of the scicon - Scientific Consulting Ltd. he is supporting companies of diverse industries in marketing management and strategic planning. His current research is focusing on model-based decision support in marketing, data mining, and consumer behaviour analysis.

Prof. Dr. William H. Dutton
Prof. Dr. William H. Dutton, (BA, University of Missouri, M.A., PhD, SUNY Buffalo, M.A. Oxford) is Director of the Oxford Internet Institute and Professor of Internet Studies at the University of Oxford, where he is also a Fellow of Balliol College.
Until joining Oxford in July 2002, he was a Professor in the The Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California. At USC, he was elected President of the Faculty, presiding over the USC's Academic Senate during 2000-01. In the UK, prior to directing the OII, Bill was a Fulbright Scholar (1986-87), and later the National Director of the UK's successful Programme on Information and Communication Technologies (PICT) from 1993 to 1996. Among his recent publications on the social aspects of information and communication technologies are Society on the Line (Oxford University Press, 1999) and Digital Academe: New Media in Higher Education and Learning, edited with Brian D. Loader (Taylor & Francis Routledge, 2003).

Bernd Fehling
Bernd Fehling is senior developer at Bielefeld University Library. Main projects included developments for the Digital Library NRW and Online-ILL (Inter-Library Loan). He also evaluated the Blackboard 5 elearning system and developed extensions (Building Blocks) for it. Current project activities include developments for the Math-Demonstrator, especially content harvesting, transformation and loading, as well as programming processing stages for the search engine.
Before working at Bielefeld University Library, Bernd Fehling was a professional electrician. He also served 12 years in the German Navy as surface weapon electronics technician on a Guided Missile Destroyer and as a system technician on a Fast Patrol Boat. After leaving the German Navy, he studied computer science at the University of Paderborn and received his Bachelor's degree for his diploma thesis on very high speed hardware description language.

Frederick J. Friend

Fred Friend was born in war-time U.K., grew up by the sea in Dover, read most of the books in his local public library, and with the help of supportive parents went to study history at Kings College London. He had the good fortune to enter academic libraries at a time of growth.
His first post was in Manchester University Library, where his future wife was also working. Fred moved from university to university in the UK and obtained his first library director post at the University of Essex. This was followed by a move to University College London, where he was library director for 15 years before moving into a role as Honorary Director Scholarly Communication which enables him to explore new developments in information services.
Fred is involved in many initiatives through work for organizations such as JISC in the UK and international organizations such as the Open Society Institute.

Bianca Gerlinger
Bianca Gerlinger is Assistant Publisher for the Nature Publishing Group. Her work and research focus on science communication and publishing strategies, as well as on science education and the e-learning market. Since joining in 2001, she was publisher and project manager for www.exam.net, the first e-learning site developed by Nature Publishing Group in collaboration with Hodder Publishers, and has been working on the development of the Nature Archive and the Signaling Gateway, a database publishing project for the Alliance of Cellular Signaling, liasing with both libraries and Academic Societies.
Bianca Gerlinger is on the Advisory Board for the Continuing Education for European Biology Teachers (CeeBT) project, which is part of the growing education activities co-ordinated or organised by the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) as part of its European Network for Biology Education.

Prof. Dr. Franz Guenthner
Franz Guenthner is director of the Centrum for Informations- und Sprachwissenschaft (CIS) at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich, Germany. He was a professor of General and Computational Linguistics at the University of Tuebingen (1977-1989) before joining the LMU in 1990. His research interests include all areas of text processing and in particular the transformation of textual corpora in lexical and grammatical representations (i.e. computationally deployable electronic dictionaries and local grammars). He has also been very active in the area of search technology, where he has worked since 1996 with the major search engines (e.g. Altavista, Fast). He was also instrumental in the design and realization of a number of search engines, in particular of the first large-scale scientific search engine on the web www.scirus.com. His present work concerns the use of linguistic techniques in page and link analysis on the web, especially for the construction of vertical search engines.

Jay Jordan

Jay Jordan became the fourth president in OCLC's 36-year history in May 1998. He came to OCLC after a 24-year career with Information Handling Services, an international publisher of databases. At IHS, he held a series of key positions in top management, including president of IHS Engineering. Prior to joining IHS, he held positions with the 3M Corporation in Europe and the United States. Jay graduated from Colgate University in 1965 and served as a U.S. Army officer in Germany. He has spent over seven years living and working outside the United States.
Jay is active in national professional organizations, including the American Library Association, the Special Libraries Association, the Information Technology Industry Council, and the Association for Information and Image Management. He is a Fellow of the Standards Engineering Society, a member of the Council of Advisors for the School of Information Studies of the Florida State University, a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Library Administration, and a board member of the Children's Research Institute in Columbus, Ohio.

Marc Krellenstein, Ph.D.
Marc Krellenstein is Vice President for Search and Discovery Technology at Elsevier, the scientific, technical and medical publishing division of Reed-Elsevier and the largest publisher of scientific journals. At Elsevier Marc is responsible for strategy, technology assessment and architecture for search and related technologies (e.g., automated classification, clustering and entity extraction) for Elsevier's online products. Prior to Elsevier Marc was Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Engineering at Northern Light Technology, where he was the founding technologist and led the design and development of the Northern Light search service, including designing the data model, query interpretation, relevancy ranking, automatic document classification and patented technology for document clustering. He has 24 years experience in the computer industry, focusing for the last 15 years on information retrieval technology and applications. Prior to Northern Light, Marc served as Vice President of R & D at Faxon Research Services, where he was responsible for the construction of a current awareness search and alerting service and fax-based document delivery system covering 10,000 journals. Marc has also held positions at Ziff-Davis, Compuserve/Access Technology and Hewlett-Packard.

Marc has an A.B. in philosophy from Cornell, an M.A. in psychology from the New School for Social Research, an M.S. in computer science from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and a Ph.D. in cognitive science from the New School for Social Research. He has made invited presentations at SIGIR, IEEE and ACM Digital Library conferences, the Internet Archive Colloquium and the United Nations, and has been a member of W3C and NISO planning groups.

Dr. John M. Lervik

John M. Lervik is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Fast Search & Transfer ASA (FAST), a company that unlocks the ever-expanding volume of information on the Internet and within enterprise environments through a powerful platform of scalable search and real-time alert solutions. FAST search technology powers search solutions at some of the world's best-known companies, including Dell, Freeserve, IBM, Reed Elsevier, Reuters, T-Online (Deutsche Telekom), Thomas Publishing, and Virgilio (Telecom Italia). Prior to becoming the CEO, Dr. Lervik served as the Chief Technology Officer of FAST from inception of the Company in 1997. Dr. Lervik holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), where he was awarded the best overall PhD in 1996/97. Dr. Lervik holds several patents.

Ingar Lomheim

Ingar Lomheim is Library Director of the The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway. M.Sc. in electronic engineering from the The Technical University of Norway in 1973. Library and documentation studies at the same university 1976-78. Worked as an information specialist and head of public services at the Technical University Library of Norway until 1996. When the Norwegian University og Science and Technology was established in 1996 he became deputy library director, and library director two years later.
Ingar Lomheim is a member of the Norwegian Council for Higher Education Library Committee and has served for four years as a member of the Section of Sciece and Technology Libraries in IFLA.

Prof. Donald A. Marchand

Donald A. Marchand is Professor of Strategy and Information Management at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland. His special interests include managing information and knowledge to drive superior business performance, internet strategy for established companies; demand/supply chain management and the strategic use and deployment of information systems and technology in companies operating in local, regional and global markets.

Dr. Marchand is also Founder, Chairman and President of enterpriseIQ®, the first global business analytics company offering proven metrics that link superior performance to how effectively a company manages and uses knowledge, information, people and technology.

Professor Marchand was Director of the IMD/Accenture Partnership Research Project entitled Navigating Business Success that was completed in December 1999. This three-year study examined the perspectives of senior managers on the use of information, people, and IT in achieving superior business performance. The study involved 1200 senior managers and over 200 senior management teams from 103 international companies as well as selected case studies. Oxford University Press published the research findings in Information Orientation: The Link to Business Performance (2000), and the management implications were published by John Wiley & Sons in Making the Invisible Visible How Companies Win with the Right Information, People and IT (2001). The study was also highlighted in the Summer 2000 edition of MIT Sloan Management Review.

Professor Marchand is an advisor to senior executives of leading service and manufacturing companies in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific. He was a principal researcher in IMD's seven-year research program Manufacturing 2000, and has directed national studies of information technology management in the federal, state and local governments in the United States.

Professor Marchand is the author/co-author of eight books and over 140 articles, book chapters, cases, and reports. He was the senior academic advisor for the 12-week Financial Times Series, Mastering Information Management, from February through April 1999. The series was published as a book by FT Prentice-Hall in January 2000. He has also edited the book Competing with Information, published by John Wiley & Sons in May 2000. The book was the first volume of the IMD Executive Development Series. Professor Marchand is a frequent and acclaimed speaker at corporate seminars and conferences worldwide. For more information, see www.enterpriseIQ.com and www.speakers.co.uk.

From July 1987 to June 1994, Professor Marchand was Dean and professor of information management at the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. In his earlier career, he founded and directed the Institute for Information Management, Technology and Policy in the College of Business at the University of South Carolina where he also taught information systems management in the Master's International Business Program.

Professor Marchand is American. He received his PhD and MA at UCLA and his BA at the University of California at Berkeley where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He has also served as Vice President of Worldwide Chapter and Alliance Development for the Society for Information Management SIM International the leading global association for senior executives, academics and consultants in IT management.

Dr. Roswitha Poll

Dr. Roswitha Poll is chief librarian of the University and Regional Library Münster and is working in national and international groups on standardization, quality management, statistics, cost analysis, and impact/outcome of libraries. She is chair of the German Standards Committee for Information and Documentation, convener of the ISO Subcommittee for Quality - Statistics and Performance Evaluation and of the working group for the International standard for library statistics and officer of the Section Statistics and Evaluation of IFLA.

Dr. Sabine Rahmsdorf

Dr. Sabine Rahmsdorf has been working as a librarian at Bielefeld University Library since 2001. She is responsible for project coordination and planning and she is subject librarian for history. Besides other project activities, she is a member of the team that developed the Math-Demonstrator as a pilot for the use of search engine technology in the area of digital libraries and scientific information portals. Adopting industrial search engine technology for the library sector as a way to improve scientific information retrieval by integrated access to heterogenous and distributed information resources is one of the major visions Bielefeld University Library is working for together with its technology partner Fast Search and Transfer, Norway.
Before becoming a librarian, Sabine studied history and German and English languages and literature at the University of Hannover, Germany, where she received her PhD for her work about city concepts and architecture in early modern utopian literature.

Prof. Dr. Hans E. Roosendaal

Hans E. Roosendaal is professor of Scientific Information at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Educated as a physicist, he joined the University of Bielefeld, Germany, as faculty staff in 1974. Between 1983 and 1998 he served Elsevier Science in various management positions as a publisher and in corporate strategy and acquisitions.He joined the University of Twente in 1998 to found the DINKEL Institute and as its first director. He also served as member of the Executive Board of the University of Twente. Hans Roosendaal was closely involved in the founding of the Dutch Digital University.
He is chairman of a steering group involving the Dutch university libraries, the ICT Platform of the Foundation SURF and the two major Dutch publishers, Elsevier Science and Kluwer Academic and co-ordinating research on the digitalisation of scientific Information.
He has authored journal articles both on surface physics and on scientific information and has co-authored a book on surface physics. The articles on scientific information are in particular focused on strategic aspects of the transformation from a paper to a digital environment.
Hans Roosendaal is also chairman of the Foundation www.natuurkunde.nl, a foundation supported by the entire Dutch physics community with the aim to make physics more attractive to young people. To this end the Foundation operates a website.

Uwe Rosemann

Uwe Rosemann is head librarian of the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) and of the University Library of Hannover. He is president of subito e.V., head of the vascoda office and speaker of the vascoda steering group. He is member of several advisory boards for libraries and other information providers and member of several national and international working groups, mainly concerning document delivery and developments for the digital library.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Schumann

Prof. Dr. Matthias Schumann is the Vice-President of the Georg-August-University responsible for the Faculties of Economics and Management, Social Sciences, and Mathematics. He holds further responsibility for the building management, security and environmental protection as well as for technology transfer, the libraries, and the IT centers, the central media centers and for University sports.

Prof. Schumann is the Director at the Institute of Information Management. Since 1991 he is Full Professor and head of the Chair of Management, esp. Information Systems at the school of Economics and Management. His major research areas are E-Finance, E-learning and Knowledge Management and Digital Media Management.

Winston Tabb

Winston Tabb has served as Dean of University Libraries and Sheridan Director of the Johns Hopkins University Libraries since September 2002. He served previously as Associate Librarian of Congress for Library Services, 1992-2002, where he was responsible for a staff of 2,400 and all national library programs. Prior to that he served two and half years as Acting Deputy Librarian of Congress. Mr. Tabb joined the Library of Congress in 1972 after receiving master's degrees in American literature from Harvard and in library science from Simmons College. Mr. Tabb has long been active in national and international library activities. He served IFLA variously as Chair of the Professional Committee, and member of the Executive Committee, Governing Board and Professional Board 1997-2003, and currently chairs IFLA's Copyright and Other Legal Matters Committee. He currently serves on the boards of Project Muse, the Digital Library Federation, the University of Washington's Information School, and Alexandria. He served on the Board of the Council on Library and Information Resources from 1993-2003, and represented the Library of Congress on the U. S. National Commission on Library and Information Science, 1988-2002. Mr. Tabb received the Melvil Dewey medal from the American Library Association in 1998, the Spofford Award for distinguished service from the District of Columbia Library Association in 2002, the Librarian of Congress' Distinguished Service Award in 2002, and the Distinguished Alumnus Award from Simmons' School of Library and Information Science in 2003.

Trond Teigen

Trond Teigen has been head of the IT-department at the National Librarys Rana division since 1999. The IT-departement has currently a staff of 30 persons. The National Library has experienced a substantial expansion in their digital collections over the recent years. This is due to massive internal digitision of analoge material and retreiving material borne digital. Trond has as a result of this participated in developing the consept of the Digital longterm repository. The Longterm repository is a consept constructed to ensure preservation of digital material for "eternity".
Trond has his formal background from computersience at the University of Tromsø and has been working as a systems engineer in the area of banking, fishing industry and customs prior to his engagement at NLN.

Dr. Christine Thomas
Dr. Christine Thomas is Head of the Division for Digital Libraries in the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany. Since joining the ministry in 1986, she has worked in several divisions such as Life Long Learning, Statistics and Information Systems and Specialized Information. She has many years of experience in Library and Information Policy as well as project funding. She is responsible for the policies and funding of the German scientific service institutions, FIZ Karlsruhe (also location of the STN International Service Centre for Europe), the Chemistry Information Centre FIZ Chemie Berlin and the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB Hannover).

She was author of a governmental position paper "Linking Information to Activate Knowledge", published in September 2002. The paper presents the strategy of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in the field of scientific and technical information for the next five years. Her current work focuses on the optimization of information infrastructure, the enhancement of information services and the building of digital information systems.

Theresa Velden
Theresa Velden, physicist by training, was appointed as head of the newly founded Heinz Nixdorf Center for Information Management in the Max Planck Society in 2001. The center is working on realizing an integrated information management environment for researchers in the Max Planck Society, on enlarging worldwide access to research resources and to support institutes in developing new, innovative ways for scholarly communication. Current focus is on enabling open access, which has been declared a strategic aim for the Max Planck Society with initiating the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to the Knowledge of the Sciences and humanities, which was published on 22nd October 2003 and signed by major research organizations in Germany and Europe (see http://www.zim.mpg.de/openaccess-berlin/).

From 1998-2001 Theresa Velden was managing the editorial office of the first Living Reviews journal, published by the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics in Golm/Potsdam.

Ann J. Wolpert

Ann Wolpert became Director of Libraries for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in January 1996. She oversees this distributed library system, which consist of five major collections, five smaller branch libraries in specialized subject areas, a fee-for-services group, and the Institute Archives and Special Collections. As of January 1999, her position expanded to include reporting responsibility for the MIT Press, which publishes approximately 200 new books and more than 40 journals per year in fields related to science and technology. Recently, Wolpert also assumed oversight of Technology Review, MIT's magazine of Innovation. Wolpert's Institute responsibilities include membership on the Committee on Intellectual Property, the Council on Educational Technology, the Deans' Committee, and the President's Academic Council. She chairs the Management Board of the MIT Press and serves on the Open Courseware Faculty Advisory Board.
Prior to joining MIT, Wolpert was Executive Director of Library and Information Services at the Harvard Business School. Her experience also includes management of the Information Center of Arthur D. Little, Inc., where she additionally engaged in consulting assignments. More recent consulting assignments have taken her to Cornell University and Adelphi University in New York, to the campuses of INCAE in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and to the Malaysia University of Science and Technology, Selangor, Malaysia.
Ann Wolpert is active in the professional library community. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and is a member of ARL's Intellectual Property and Copyright Committee and the Steering Committee for its Coalition for Networked Information (CNI). She also serves on the Board of Directors of the Boston Library Consortium. In addition, she is a member of the Editorial Boards of Library & Information Science Research and The Journal of Library Administration, the advisory committee to the National Science Foundation's publication Science and Engineering Indicators, ands serves as advisor to the Publication Committee of the Massachusetts Medical Society. A frequent speaker and writer, she has recently contributed papers on such topics as library service to remote library users, intellectual property management in the electronic environment, and the future of research libraries in the digital age.
Ann Wolpert serves on the Board of Trustees of Simmons College. In 1998 she was elected to the National Network for Women Leaders in Higher Education of the American Council on Education. She received the BA from Boston University and the MLS from Simmons College.

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