Prof. Dr. Hans E. Roosendaal
New Roles for Universities, Scientists, Libraries, and Publishers in the Scholarly Publication Process

The information market for research and Higher Education (HE) will in future be based on a federated network of repositories of information relating to research and education that conform to open standards, and an accommodating infrastructure that allows users the easiest and fastest possible access to information in all of these repositories.
The information covered by such a network will not only comprise of information material for research and HE, but also of management information relating to this information. The market is the research and HE community; its main focus is open standards. This federated network will be global.

This commonly shared vision describes a network for all information relevant for both research and education. This information includes also management or other information required to support access to and disclosure of the information. The users will be students, teachers or researchers.

Starting from this vision the presentation will discuss main engines for change using as parameters availability versus actual use of information. Different value chain options, and the roles and responsibilities different stakeholders could assume in these value chains, will be used as analytical instruments to analyse future roles of these stakeholders.

Bielefeld University Library - last update: 12/18/2003