Dr. Sabine Rahmsdorf, Bernd Fehling
Using Search Engine Technology for Academic Online Content - The "Math-Demonstrator" or "From Theory to Practice"

Providing integrated access to heterogeneous and distributed academically relevant online information resources is one of the major challenges for digital libraries today. Together with our technology partner FAST Search & Transfer, Norway, Bielefeld University Library is working on a solution to this challenge by adopting industrial search engine technology for digital libraries and scientific information portals. It is our vision to make academically relevant content of the "visible" and "invisible" web (e.g. databases, content repositories, library catalogues) accessible and searchable by an integrated index and search interface.

In order to step from theory to practice, Bielefeld UL has been building the "Math-Demonstrator" on the basis of the search engine software FAST Data Search as a pilot and subject based case study. From the start, this pilot was intended as a technical feasibility test working under real-life conditions and with "real" data. In the Math-Demonstrator, a selection of exemplary data in different formats from heterogeneous and distributed online content resources for mathematics is indexed in a single index and provided for integrated retrieval. The Math-Demonstrator includes electronic full texts of preprint-servers and e-journals, bibliographic data of subject data bases and library catalogues, digitised monographs and serials; the data material is partly gathered using the OAI-protocol. Besides working on the indexing process, it is another major task of this case study to develop the prototype of a flexible and intelligent user interface.

The presentation will introduce the online version of the Math-Demonstrator and will summarize our experiences with this approach towards integrated access to online information resources.

Bielefeld University Library - last update: 01/08/2004