Tuesday, 3 February 2004
Welcome Addresses
Prof. Dr. Dieter Timmermann, President, Bielefeld University
Dr. Reg Carr, Director of University Library Services and Bodley's Librarian, University of Oxford, UK
Dr. Norbert Lossau, Director of Bielefeld University Library
Opening Lecture
Prof. Donald A. Marchand, Professor of Strategy and Information Management at IMD International in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Chairman of enterpriseIQ®
Information Strategy as Key Success Factor for Enterprises and Universities
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Information Strategy for Universities and Academic Libraries
Chair: Dr. Reg Carr, Director of University Library Services and Bodley's Librarian, University of Oxford, UK
Prof. Dr. William Dutton, Director of the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, UK
Repositioning Information and Communication Technologies in Higher Education
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Prof. Dr. Matthias Schumann, Vice President, Göttingen University
Information Strategy of the University - a Vice President's View
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Dr. Alan Bundy, University Librarian and Director Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Library, University of South Australia
Beyond Information Provision: The Academic Library as Educational Change-Agent - An Australian Perspective
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Ingar Lomheim, Library Director, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
The Quality Reform in Norwegian Higher Education - The Future Role of Academic Libraries
Wednesday, 4 February 2004
Academic Libraries - New Challenges and Services
Chair: Hans Geleijnse, IT-Director and Chief Information Officer, Tilburg University, NL
Prof. Dr. Reinhold Decker, Department of Economics and Business Administration, University of Bielefeld
Applying Consumer and Market Research Methods to Support the Introduction of New Services of Libraries and Other Central Institutions
Winston Tabb, Dean of University Libraries and Sheridan Director, Johns Hopkins University, U.S.
Academic Libraries: New Directions, New Partners
Ann J. Wolpert, AB, MLS, Director of MIT Libraries and Chair of MIT Press, U.S.
Organising Institutional Scholarly Publication and eLearning at MIT
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New Services of Academic Libraries - Institutional Scholarly Publication Repositories
Chair: Peter Fox, University Librarian, Cambridge University Library, UK
Theresa Velden, Executive Director, Heinz Nixdorf Center for Information Management in the Max Planck Society (ZIM)
Building an Open Access Platform for the Max Planck Society
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Prof. Dr. Hans E. Roosendaal, Professor of Scientific Information, School of Business, Public Administration, and Technology & Department of Computer Science, University of Twente, NL
New Roles for Universities, Scientists, Libraries, and Publishers in the Scholarly Publication Process
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Access and Use of Scholarly Information - Future Strategies of Publishers and Academic Libraries
Chair: Dr. Ewald Brahms, Program Officer for Library and Information Systems, Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture
Frederick J. Friend, Honorary Director Scholarly Communication, University College London, UK
New Models for Scholarly Communication
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Bianca Gerlinger, Assistant Publisher, Nature Publishing Group, UK
Partnerships in a Changing World: Future Relationships between Publishers, Academic Libraries and Scientists
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Jill Cousins, Synergy Product Manager, Blackwell Publishing Ltd., UK
Partnership or Competition: Can the Academic Publishers work with Open Access?
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Dr. Roswitha Poll, Director of Münster University Library
Information Seeking Behaviour of Academics
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Thursday, 5 February 2004
Global Networking of Academic Online Information
Chair: Dr. Jürgen Bunzel, Programme Director, Scientific Library Services and Informative Systems Division, German Research Foundation (DFG)
Jay Jordan, President and CEO, OCLC Online Computer Library Center, U.S.
Global Networking of Information in the Scientific World - OCLC's Strategy for the Future
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Uwe Rosemann, Director of the German National Library of Science and Technology, Head of the VASCODA Office
VASCODA - Cooperations for the German Digital Library
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Innovative Technologies to Access and Network Academic Online Information
Chair: Dr. Norman Paskin, Director, International DOI Foundation, UK
Dr. Christine Thomas, Head of Division, Digital Libraries, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Dynamic Infrastructures for the Sciences - Challenge for Digital Libraries
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Dr. John M. Lervik, CEO, Fast Search & Transfer ASA (FAST), Norway
Search Engine Industry Trends - Impact for Digital Libraries
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Marc Krellenstein, Ph.D., Vice President, Elsevier, U.S.
Technology for Integrated Information Access and Discovery
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Hans Geleijnse, IT-Director and Chief Information Officer, Tilburg University, NL
Wrap-Up of the Conference and Farewell Address
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14.00 - 17.00 Technology Workshop
Intelligent Search Engine & Navigation Technology in Digital Libraries and Information Portals
Chair: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nejdl, Information Systems Institute, Knowledge Based Systems, Learning Lab Lower Saxony, University of Hannover
Dr. Norbert Lossau, Director of Bielefeld University Library
Dr. Jürgen Oesterle, Geschäftsführer Fast Search & Transfer Deutschland GmbH
Search Engine Technology for Digital Libraries and Information Portals - The State-of-the-Art and the Future
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Prof. Dr. Franz Guenthner, Centrum für Informations- und Sprachverarbeitung (CIS), Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Advanced and Applied Research & Development for Search Engines - A Report from the Laboratory
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Dr. Sabine Rahmsdorf, Project Coordinator, and Bernd Fehling, Senior Developer, Bielefeld University Library
Using Search Engine Technology for Academic Online Content - The "Math-Demonstrator" or "From Theory to Practice"
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Trond Teigen, Head of IT-Department, Rana Division, National Library of Norway
Search Engine Technology for Advanced Services
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