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Welcome to the 7th International Bielefeld Conference Website! Dreieck

The 7th International Bielefeld Conference follows in the tradition of the established "Bielefeld Colloquium" events set up by the previous director of Bielefeld University Library, Karl Wilhelm Neubauer. The 7th Conference has taken a fresh look at the original concept of the Colloquium, which was designed to concentrate on new technologies and technology-associated services for academic libraries.

The strong focus on innovative technology will continue, but the upcoming conference will also address the role and position of academic libraries within their universities, by analysing information strategies, workflows, competences, and services from a university wide, strategic point of view. Renowned speakers from the university and enterprise sectors with a range of international views and experiences will help participants from all countries to measure and assess their own national and local institutional strategies against a variety of methods and concrete scenarios.

The new vision for the 7th International Bielefeld Conference is to provide a rare international open forum for librarians and university managers, allowing them to think beyond the daily routine and beyond their own institutional environments and to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various concepts and approaches. A variety of both strategic and practical themes will be of interest to everyone who works in academic libraries, but will be of particular interest to senior decision makers at the highest levels in both universities and libraries.

Thinking BEYOND Digital Libraries means thinking about non-technology- centred strategies for libraries. This signals a new era at the beginning of the 21st century, where there is a distinct need for global, intelligent networking and navigation of currently rather isolated local, institutional digital libraries.

I hope to welcome you to the 7th International Bielefeld Conference in February 2004

On behalf of the Programme Committee

Norbert Lossau
Director of Bielefeld University Library

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